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The mission of the South Plains Woodturners is to provide education, information, and organization to those interested in turning wood.


The American Association of Woodturners will strive to become a world leader in establishing lathe-turned work as a major element in the craft world, while at the same time spearheading youth development and engendering amateur interest and activities.

Check out the New AAW web page:


Live, US-Based, Telephone Support

6:30AM to 9:00PM US Central Time, Monday-Friday.


1 866 457 2582 or 1 847 255 0210

Tell them you are a member with in Lubbock Texas

Tell them your First and Last Name. Spell your last name slowly.

Give the rep a few seconds to look you up and start the session before you desribe your issue.


Toll-free: (866)HLP-CLUB (457-2582)

The safety of our members, guests, students and hosts has been and will continue to be our first priority.  We believe that all woodturning accidents are avoidable if we take proper measures in advance.  

The club owns many face shields and they should be used when turning wood on a lathe. The AAW will not use your photo for publication if it depicts a woodturner at the lathe without a face shield and safety glasses.  

The GAC, YWCA, and SPW maintain first aid supplies just in case of an accident. We have a large poster of the AAW Safety Rules and they are posted in the classrooms. Youth Woodturners are required to take safety tests and pass with a score of 100 before using a machine.

Access a free 30 page AAW Safety Guidebook at:


Also, here are more AAW resources




Common Woodturning Terminology

When you begin to learn woodturning, you may be intimidated or confused by the terminology. What does it mean to ride the bevel, for example? What is an SRG? Here is a glossary of woodturning terms you may hear when you watch a woodturning demonstration, attend a chapter meeting, or read an article. You are now on your way to talking like a woodturner.

Woodturning Types   Woodturning Terms   Lathe Parts

The manufacturers like Jet provide an excellent manual with their products. Here is a link to view or download the Jet 1221 VS lathe like we have for our students.

Finally, here is a link to every machine process and a safety test for all Career & Technical Education areas.

 "Safety consciousness requires that the student be educated in safety generally and specifically. The teacher, in working to develop a positive attitude toward safety, should teach the student to ask “Is what I am about to do unsafe in any way to myself, to others, or to property?” 

It is essential that the instructional methods lend themselves to positive safety attitude development. This includes 

(1) a clean and orderly working environment, 

(2) the awareness of possible accident situations where respect replaces fear, 

(3) the importance of rules and regulations, 

(4) the necessity to teach the correct way to perform the first time, 

(5) the knowledge and skills in the use and the proper maintenance of tools and machines, 

(6) the reinforcement of safe operating procedures, and 

(7) proper respect for hazardous wastes and hazardous waste disposal. "

Have a safe class.  

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Pen Making    Organization Members Only  Active

What is new to penmaking? Show us what you are up to? Casting can go here for now.

GAC Beginning & Advanced Classes    Organization Members Only  Active

Share your stories from the Garden & Arts Center Classes here. Show us what you are making in class.

SPW Bylaws Discussion   Organization Members Only  Active

It is time to review, rebuild, and update our SPW ByLaws.

Fundraising and Grant Writing   Organization Members Only  Active

All members should help with Fundraising. What are your ideas? What do you make that sells easily and does not require large resources.

Meeting Notices 1st Sat of the Month.   Organization Members Only  Active

Look here for information about our meetings.

Volunteering   Organization Members Only  Active

Volunteering is Essential for any non profit like ours. There are so many jobs that surely you can find a few ways to help.

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ClubExpress Administrators

threadspostslast postGeneral Administrators Forum     

For administrators of all ClubExpress clubs and associations only. Use for peer-to-peer discussions.


SPW SaturdayMeeting, November 6th - at YWCA Lubbock
6501 University Ave, Lubbock, TX Enter through the East Ramp door.

Contact Christian  if you can volunteer to set up the meeting room and AV on Friday afternoon saving us time for a better meeting on Saturday.

1  8:00 Am All will sign into the YWCA log and record temp. Enter through the East Ramp door.

2 8:00  AM Social Time. Get your raffle tickets, Visit the Library, See what Tim Howle’s is donating for your donation to the building fund. Set up the Show and Tell, Connect to the robust WIFI. Visit, Make your phone calls during social time or in the hallway.

3 9:00 AM the Chairman will start the meeting. Find a seat. Raffle & Library & Tim’s Hardware are closed.  Introduce Guests. President Announcement. Meal TBD, BOD Agenda Procedures date, time, & place. This is all the same time as in the past.

4 Special Hands-on Presentation by Christian Jensen on Club Express.
Especially if you have not logged in - we are here to help Don't Miss This.

5 Intermission 10 minutes

Raffle, Library, Hardware open – last chance.

6 Chairman re-starts meeting. Raffle, library, & hardware closed.


7 Raffle - Need a volunteer to record winners.

8 Please help us complete the cleanup before you leave.  Double check that all valuables are secured.

Meeting at 9:00 AM sharp

After Meeting Meal TBD


Registration is open on the Event Calendar
Only SPW members can access the member section of the web page.
If you are not logging in you are missing out.


Guests are always welcome.               We have classes.

Nov 6th                     Bryce Ellis
Dec 4th Christmas Party at LWC
Jan 1    New Years Day       TBD
Feb 5th                               TBD
March 5th                           TBD

  South Plains Woodturners Inc. P. O. Box 65428  Lubbock TX 79424

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Tip Make your User name something we can recognized you with First Initial & Last Name.  ex  LArmstrong  Not  LLcoolman

Create your own Password. We cannot look it up for you.  Love2turn ( this is just a sample - use what you want)


If you need assistance, please call the customer service number below. This is part of our $24/month plan. Please Use It.

You Tubers will find the first few minutes of " Updating Your Member Profile You Tube" helpful.  Alert-contains sales content.

Club Express Customer Service 1 866 457 2582 Help Line
6:30 Am to 9 PM M-F



Toll-free: (866)HLP-CLUB (457-2582)

Member Photo Galery
YWCA Class February 27, 2021




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A short introductory video to learn the basics of ClubExpress.

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SPWT  is proud to be one of 350+ worldwide chapters of the American Association of Woodturners

We encourage you to join this fine organization.

The American Association of Woodturners(AAW) is an international, nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization.

AAW's mission is to provide education, information, and organization to those interested in turning wood